Marknadsföring och marknadsföring på Internet – vad är skillnaden?

Internet Marketing

In the last post, we stated that marketing is about deciding what you want to say, who you want to say it and then how you should say it in the best way. So, what is it that is so very different when working with internet marketing? Let me answer that question directly: absolutely, 100 percent nothing. Internet marketing is based on exactly the same principles as all other marketing. The only thing that differs is the channels through which one can deliver the message to the target group.

If we look at our three basic questions – what do we want to say, to whom we want to say it and how should we say it – then we can state that everyone is just as relevant. What is different is the approach we can use to say something, and the precision with which we can identify a target group. With the Internet, we have the opportunity to measure opinions and tastes and tastes in different demographic groups in a whole new way, and we can then direct messages extremely cost-effectively and smoothly.

One can say that the Internet has allowed us to refine the marketing process to a level where we have much more control over our message and much more opportunity to know how it is received. And in the midst of all this I am! Because even if the Internet offers great opportunities, marketing is not just a children’s game, and with all the advanced techniques and measuring instruments that exist today you often need someone who helps to review how the marketing goes! And there I come into the picture.

My services are many and varied, and I am not the type of consultant who works with a fixed price list and different packages. When it comes to internet marketing, one has to be flexible, and no solution is the other.